Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Radio Commercial for iPod Restroom Dock

A Tune for Every Situation
Each person is a separate scene thinking to themselves.

Woman: [sighs and has a nervous breakdown]  Oh no, not again...

Man : [wonders] I hope no one can hear me...

Woman: [ Fumbling through drawers and cabinets] They are definitely going to hear me..

 Man: Hmm, what's this?

[sound of someone pushing a button]

Both: [sighing in relief] Now that's better...

VO: No matter what the situation is..
[music starts playing : Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love, then Salt N Peppa - Push It]

VO [playing over the song]: You can always count on the iPod Restroom Dock to make your time... a little less awkward.

[Music fades out and the sound of flushing toilet then a running faucet fades in]

VO: The iPod Dock, a tune for every situation.

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