Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nostalgia Marketing and Advertising

For my final essay, I've decided to write about the topic of nostalgia advertising and how it impacts the way people feel and think. Today, many us feel that being vintage is "new"-- new meaning cool and the latest trend. With fashion that we thought was outdated turning its way back around to our time period, everything from the past is slowly creeping its way to 2012. Everyday, there are new creations and inventions, and it is very hectic to keep up with the latest technology. For many us, we feel that life is now on the fast track. Because of the technological glory we are now encountering, what we want even more now is to take a step back and enjoy what we had before-- to enjoy the simpler times of childhood. Everything now is so complicated, and what we yearn for most is to reach back to the past. With this in mind, nostalgic marketing and advertising plays a very effective role in our lives because they know what makes us vulnerable-- our personal side. By being able to promote products and ideas of what we thought was not obtainable again in the future, it brightens up our day knowing that it is still in reach. :)

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