Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Creativity in Ads

During this particular week, our class had discussed about how various ads used creative techniques and images to carry out their message. Some have meanings to them, while some are just very interesting to look at and makes no connection to the product whatsoever. Here are several examples of creative ads that I have found very unique:

This Lego ad is very simple and straightforward. It clearly shows a simple Lego piece put together very easily, but its shadow shows us a dinosaur. You can tell that what Lego is trying to tell to its consumers is that with Lego, you can create the simplest thing and have a big imagination. No words or texts are needed, but the images are very well used.

In this ad, Post-It has taken on a whole new level by creating a much larger version of their product (post-it notes) and displaying it out as a billboard. This idea and concept of advertising quickly captures the attention of their targeted audience, and at the same time, is a piece of art that people just like to look at while stopping by.

I'm not quite sure where this ad came from, but the way it was created seemed very interesting to me. The slogan is "Hoy me siento optimista", which translates to "Today I feel optimistic". The way that this ad is created brings a smile to our face with its bright colors and how the text is created by confetti. All of this leads to the idea of optimism which truly does make us feel that way when we look at this ad.

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