Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Harley Davidson

Overall I believe that the Harley Davidson brand and organization resulted in a very positive community. They try to reach out to their audience by not changing their purpose/idea too much, not straying away from what they're known for, which are for their Harley Davidson bikes. Their rugged, tough persona of a biker remains consistent within their brand, and with that in mind, not only does that keep their loyal fans, but attract other consumers to their market as well -- those who are interested to live free and wild. But with such a distinct concept and idea of what Harley Davidson known for, even if you're not into Harleys in particular, or motorcycles in general, you probably know and respect the brand. And there are many people out there who love the brand with body, heart and soul. It makes those who don't own a bike want one, and those who already have one want another one. For Harley Davidson, by creating the Posse Ride, it builds a stronger bond for those that are already a fan of the brand, to get together and just basically, ride and live freely. It's such a simple idea that represents what their whole brand is about and, I thought that this concept was a great way to keep their loyal customers interested as well as attract new ones. While this is a great idea of riding together, I feel like Harley Davidson shouldn't get too involved with this concept because it creates more difficulty for customers and having to keep up with these guidelines of how to become a loyal fan can be hectic. The Posse Ride should allow customers to feel like they're living to do this, not doing this to live. In addition, other ways for Harley to further enhance their brand is by holding conventions, displaying numerous varieties of motorcycles or Harleys by the consumers. This way, it creates another strong community event that can grasp more consumers along the way.

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  1. good response, Thao. How do you think Harley Davidson match up to their image? How do they compare with other motorcycle brands? Why do we see their brand values as "riding free"?