Tuesday, October 9, 2012

3-D Movies...Really?

When it comes to enjoying your free time, many people would want to hang out and watch a movie. Now a days, the price of movie tickets are drastically increasing, what once was $6.25 in 2005, is now $11.00 in 2012, just to see a general movie. Before, 3-D movies used to be so popular due to how uncommon it was. And when a 3-D movie came out at that time, it really was "3D". Images popping out right at you, feeling as though you could almost grab it. Let's just say, it was well worth the price.

Today, it's not worth it anymore to see a so-called "3D Movie". Nothing directly pops out right at you! It looks as if it were just the general film on a slightly bigger screen that your paying $3- $5 more for. It's NOW that every movie is in 3D, and it's considered a typical thing in film. We need to end this madness of 3D movies, when really, it's not even THAT much of a difference to consider it 3D. We need to put at end to remakes of older films being turned into 3D. For instance:
Step Up 3D. Seriously?
Titanic in 3D. Really now? It should be kept as a classic film.

We need to avoid this:

And bring back THIS:

Bring back the original nature of 3D, where silly cartoons pop right at you, making you feel like you have to dip, duck, dive, and dodge.

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  1. Well said, Thao. You make a good point. Why don't you add to this post by declaring how you would change things - ie you'd bring back excitement, you'd cut costs, etc etc.