Thursday, September 13, 2012

Generic Products. Yes or No?

To further elaborate on my previous point, here's a quick video on the taste test between generic products and brands. Most products are very similar to one another, but when it comes down to money issues, many customers prefer to purchase the generic products because, in the end, they all taste pretty much the same. Think about all the money one could possibly save if he/she decides to buy only generic products! While there are times that generic items can seem a bit suspicious, it doesn't hurt to just try it out. You really have nothing to lose-- if anything, you're saving money. But of course, this case mainly applies to groceries and anything that you can simply replace with just a few dollars. When it comes to technology, people become much more hesitant and highly prefer brand names over generic products since they are dealing with several hundred dollars out of their pockets. An $800 laptop cannot be easily replaced as fast as a bag of pretzels in this case. In my opinion, when it comes to technology, I trust brand names much more but that doesn't mean I want to pay full price for it. I'm always on the lookout, comparing prices, and finding out ways that could get me a reliable product and save some Benjamins at the same time. Point is, generic products could be a great path to saving in the long run, but only if you shop wisely, otherwise you could be losing money. :-)

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