Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's a Sign

 Whether it is comedic, bold, or daring, these signs are what captures our attention and sticks in our brains to make us, sooner or later, purchase these products. Signs should be simple and easy to communicate with its audience, and the quicker that the consumer can understand the concept of a sign, the more prone they will be in buying that product. For me, I've always taken the most interest in comedic campaigns because whatever makes me laugh will stick to my mind much longer. The images displayed above are advertisements of a window cleaner and hot sauce.

In the first advertisement, it conveys a very simple message showing the audience that this particular window cleaner works so well that it will look like a person can levitate, when she is really just lying down a very clean and clear box. The advertisement also does not display any texts because the product is so powerful, there are no need for words and it can simply just be shown to convince their audience.

In the second advertisement, it shows us various images of a hand dryer with a picture of a man blowing down to make it look like he is blowing onto their hands. When something is very spicy, we tend to blow and breathe out of our mouths to cool ourselves down from the heat.  Hand dryers are supposed to produce a strong enough force of wind to dry your hands quickly, and in this case, the ad for the hot sauce states that their product is so spicy that the person in the picture will breathe so heavily that it can dry your hands instantly. Very clever and very funny. :-)

With very few to no words, these advertisements were able to easily illustrate their point across to its audience in a very effective way. It's not always the funny campaigns that make us buy an item, but it is surely entertaining. Signs are what stays in our minds and acknowledge the product, making us question whether to buy it or not. It is a very powerful tool in our society because it is what we see everyday and wherever we go-- magazines, clothes, benches, vehicles, on the road, and even in the sky. Signs are the main source to communicate with the public in a quick and efficient manner. Even though listening to reviews is the reassurance and key point to what makes us purchase the product, signs are what starts the chain. Someone else must have seen the advertisement somewhere and bought the product, and from that review, it gives us an idea if the product was a phony or it really works. 

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  1. Lovely examples, Thao. The glass cleaner is so simple and understands the myth that most magic tricks are tricks, so we know that there must be some hidden device when a magician makes a body levitate. The window cleaner let's the cat out of the bag. very nice.